The characteristic of our company is that when printing on a polyester fabric, it is necessary to prepare beforehand (impregnate the ride so that the ink does not blur), post-treatment after printing (steaming, washing, drying, It is a non-plate-making digital textile printing method called sublimation transfer which does not require adjustment). In sublimation transfer, since there is no back and forth processing by the king mentioned above, it is possible to shift to sewing immediately after cutting and short delivery time is possible. Furthermore, because there is no treatment before and after, it is a dyeing method that does not use water and has less environmental load. We will respond to anything as long as it is polyester material for clothing, exhibits and accessories, with business development specialized for sublimation transfer processing.



Entire full color × small lot × innovative production system with a short delivery time [W face print system]. By eliminating restrictions of design expressions as much as possible, putting it in every scene where free design is demanded, the possibilities of T-shirts further expand.